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About Us

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K a s s a D a B a t h r o o m s a n d K i t c h e n

Our Story

Renovating and building bathrooms and kitchens is what we do; it is our niche. Our designers have worked on a wide range of projects, including those tight circumstances where space is at a premium. Whatever you envision—a country-white scullery, sleekness surrounding a kitchen island, a bathroom from Dwell Magazine—we have the design, sourcing, and fitting experience to make it a reality.

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K a s s a D a B a t h r o o m s a n d K i t c h e n

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide personalised design services to our discerning clients. We embrace the challenge of creating kitchens and bathrooms that provide all the modern conveniences whilst retaining elegance not always associated with modernity. We not only do the design — but will also project manage the entire journey. In this way, we can guarantee that the vision we create with you is the reality you end up living with.